Rock Blasting

DETEC, our demolition division, performs mechanized concrete demolition, specialized services such as rock blasting and removal, careful demolition and decontamination of industrial areas to be deactivated, by trained teams with great experience in treatment of environmental liabilities.

DETEC equipment, in addition to its services and compliance with environmental norms, has already provided the company with records in swift response, delivering results before the required deadlines.

Construction Works

Founded in 1978, Craft operates with a full integration within its divisions. It performs services of heavy construction, earthmoving, drainage, urbanization, and stabilization of soft soils. The experience acquired through major construction projects all over the country allowed the company to develop logistics and detailed planning for each project. A pioneer, it was one of the first Brazilian companies to apply the technique for stabilizing soft soils through the construction of gravel columns by vibro-compaction.

Currently focused on the state of Rio de Janeiro, it intends to be an even bigger part of its state’s history, working with projects of all sizes.


DEQUIPO, our Equipment Division, is responsible for the company’s inception in 1977. Currently, the division is focused on providing maintenance and support to all our equipment. Its structure makes available more than 150 machines and an internal workshop qualified for maintenance and supervision of equipment for the other three divisions of the company.


This division is responsible for the company’s asphalt paving area. The material used for paving is 100% produced by Craft by two of our plants, with a combined capacity of 200 tons/hour. The strict quality control of the material follows the selection of the raw material, the laboratory, its application and compaction.

In addition to hot-machined asphalt concrete, we have also developed the warm asphalt mixture technique, the colored asphalt technique in partnership with COPPE Laboratory, and other related products.