Craft has a portfolio of over 1000 construction works, and small, medium and large clients throughout Brazil. Currently focused on the state of Rio de Janeiro, the private company, founded in 1977, has a vast experience in heavy construction, earthmoving, paving, soft soil stabilisation, and specialized demolition.

Our employees pass through a strict criteria when being recruited, forming teams with more than 10 years of history within the company, adding knowledge and specialization over these years.



Technology is an absolute necessity in Craft’s day-to-day operations. We have more than 150 active machines, facilitating time optimization and an improved service.

Large investments in new machinery have always been a strong point for our company, which is a pioneer in importing hydraulic breakers, hydraulic crushers and the first mobile recycler in Brazil. Craft continues to invest heavily in purchasing of new equipment in order to keep its fleet always up to date.



Craft has a unique standard of quality. Besides the ISO 9001 certification, the company strictly follows all safety norms. Its structure includes a maintenance workshop made up by its own team of mechanics, electricians, tire repairmen, tinsmiths, welders, technicians and assistants who are trained to constantly supervise and adjust the machines in use.

The asphalt used for paving is produced by two of its own plants, and its analysis starts from the selection of the raw material, followed later by the laboratory, production, and application.



Craft Engineering is in charge of the destination of all the residues, following CONAMA (National Council of Environment) guidelines, resulting in savings and peace of mind for the customers. The company has machinery that allows the reuse of the material coming from rock blasting. The ironwork is reused in steel mills and the processed concrete, as a sub-base for sidewalks, minimizing the extraction of crushed rocks and avoiding the disposal of demolition material. In addition, the savings for the builder go further, since the cost of transporting the rubble to disposal areas is eliminated. Craft also has experience with construction works under Leed certification (certification for sustainable construction), acting in accordance with their criteria for resource rationing and waste disposal.